Al​-​Ahzab (The Allies) for Ayyub LP

by Togolese

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Springfield resident Ayyub Abdul Alim is being charged for 15 years on a gun & ammunition charge. Targeted by the FBI, pressured to be an informant, and given the ultimate choice: his conformity or his freedom. Learn about why he has been in jail for 2 years until posted bail and/or sentencing. With commentary by his brother on TRGGR Radio, tracks by social justice artists Togolese, and prayers by those closest to him. Justice for Ayyub! Like the page here:
or visit the official site here:


released November 15, 2013

Shark Face Recording, Spider-Man 2, TRGGR Radio, Mr. Nuri, AG Productions, Togolese, Janisha Nero, Just Stones, Halim Cruz, D Eagle, Brother Ali



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Like It Or Not Springfield, Massachusetts

Like It Or Not (LION) is the moment in life where you become empowered through compelling sounds & voices that roar and uplift the people. A group breaking new ground and recreating what music is and who its made for, redefining how we think and how we live. Intelligent hip hop from the heart of American culture. Like It Or Not is giving order to the highs & lows of everyday life. ... more

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Track Name: Al-Fatiha (The Opening) by Bro. Ali
Arabic & English

Surah 1

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Al hamdu lillaahi rabbil ‘alameen
Ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Maaliki yaumid Deen
Iyyaaka na’abudu wa iyyaaka nasta’een
Ihdinas siraatal mustaqeem
Siraatal ladheena an ‘amta’ alaihim
Ghairil maghduubi’ alaihim waladaaleen

In the name of God, the infinitely Compassionate and Merciful.
Praise be to God, Lord of all the worlds.
The Compassionate, the Merciful. Ruler on the Day of Reckoning.
You alone do we worship, and You alone do we ask for help.
Guide us on the straight path,
the path of those who have received your grace;
not the path of those who have brought down wrath, nor of those who wander astray.
Track Name: Hold On ft. Janisha & Just Stones (Prod. AG Productions)

inshallah hope things go right
freedom fight like a 50s night
a whole city for 1 life
a whole nation correct sight
the blind leading the blind
and we running out of time
15 years that's my fear
know what really grinds my gears?
walking around with out a care
stripped searched outta thin air
damn right, its a sad life
its twisted Karma Sutra
stick to karma and my Sutras
if I wanna see a future
read Surat and my scriptures
man I hope I paint the picture
as we yell like it or not
hold Ayyub down Fort Knox
can't threaten me with the hole
cuz my city shaped like a bowl
I been livin in a trap
but who got each others back
that's the only thing that matters
when you get locked up like that.
and your wife aint on your side
its alright bruh you can cry
don't hold it all inside even if you are inside
prison is the only thing that can truly break a man
I just hope the ones listening can truly understand
This ain't no movie script
ripped from them tabloids
the media has made no noise
silent screams and hidden joy
the people come together for the better
lives are are not a toy
even Ayyub's brother has fell victim
to the ploys
by the boys in the suits
black suvs n coups (whoop)
Red and blue them siren signs
Prison just wanna see those dollar signs
treatin men like concubines
sharp stings like porcupines
school to prison pipeline
since 4th grade look at the time
on your 3rd strike sounds asinine
minimum is a quarter of a life time
makin' less than a quarter during your time
New slaves /Jim Crow
but you aint gotta be black though
Just take that medicine cap-sule
let the wheels turn with axles
choppin rights with an axe yo
smelln up the room like axe yo
But this aint a high school musical
cuz no1 addresses the elephant in the back room
and then u complain bendin over,
what good does that do?
Freedom is fought with our lives on the line
I thought you knew.
Track Name: Innocent/My Time (Prod. Mr. Nuri)

Wonder why this is happening to Ayyub?
People ask why him? why go sooo far?
Maaan I'm about to break it all down
Free my man Ayyub ya'll

Imagine being there, for your community
uplifting the people, children with unity
doing so well you open up shop
natures garden variety
give it all you got
reaching success with that, pivotal power
understand right here this your hour
(Free Ayyub)
Becoming well known and your Muslim
they aint all bad the people are wondering
soon the FBI gets a whiff of his name
so they call him up and ask to take part of the game
spy on my people this is insane
hung up the phone went back to his family man
(free Ayyub)
All of sudden after a few weeks
passing the gas station the cops he sees
thinking nothing of it he walks on by
they stop him for a search he doesn't comply
They find nothing oh what a surprise
until they strip search illegally outside
(and man oooo my)
So a gun and ammo is what they find
with out a license Ayyub is doing some time
unless he agrees to be an informant
he said it aint mine what more do you want and
I will never give in to the options you chosen
from Allah my words are spoken

My Time

They trynna shut me down
they trynna shut me up
they always trace my calls
but its the same old stuff
the same story since day one
on the radio station, they hatin
put him in the hole
expression of the tongue
they wanna strip my lungs
like my body being searched
Then pulled my pants down
hocus pocus gun n ammo
15 on my life but that wont suffice
cuz if ever ever mention the fbi
keyword then they'll have my wife testify
or she faces deportation
cuz I said no to spying on my own nation
justification naw jus us
inshallah there'll be justice
instead its just ice for my wife
and the case on my life
But I know between wrong and right
Read my surats and pray 5 times a day
as long as the guard don't get in the way
hopefully god will always be in the way
shed the light tonight and I'll be ok
during my time
I got the city on my back
like the rappers always claim
Ayyub on the map and its time to bring change
its my time, my time, my time
hopefully it all rewinds
Track Name: Hero (prod. Mr. Nuri)

Heroes of patience
sabali I'm waiting
patient of the game
doc Dre debatin'
whats the difference between me and you?
Said F the police and his dreams he pursued
I understand they out here sniffin' like snoop
its a dog eat dog there's more power than you
but spiritually you gettn' me, there's no limit to you
We are truly an oddity our soul as commodity
A person wit great
or brave acts and fine qualities
a definition of hero, patience for an odyssey
sick like job on the job for the lord
but I still push on and I can't get sold
even on the middle passage through the gates of no return
till my body passes on preserved through an urn
I will continue to teach to those who wanna learn
a heroes always needed a heroes always yearned
H:(What they need!x3)
Yea a second longer
with each passin' minute I'm growing stronger
Feed me injustice or feed me beats
like police and blacks I put work in the streets
uhn now that's a double entendre
prison for new slaves no reference to Kayne
Yeesus what we need is Jesus
or the prophet Muhammad
while they prophet off of locking
innocence divide with ignorance
conquer citywide while denied my visitin--rights
man does that even sound right?
how we can't come together like a hook and a sound bite
Now matter how dark we gotta remain bright
A hero is what they need we the last of a dying breed
With the patience off Ayyub we can sow the seeds
watch Heroes like you and me branch like trees
Track Name: Al-Kursi (The Throne) by Halim Cruz
Arabic & English

Surah 2:255

Illuminated Qur'an page

Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Allahu la illaha illa hu
Wal Hayyul Qayyum
La te huzuhu sinetun wala nawmun
Lahu ma fissemawati wa ma fil’ardi
Men thallathiy yeshfe’u indehu illa biznih
Ya’lemu ma beyne eydiyhim
wa ma halfehum
wa la yuhiytune
bishey’in min ilmihi
illa bima sha-a wasia kursiyyuhu semavati wal’ard
Wa la yeuduhu hifzuhuma wa hu wal aliy ul aziym

Saddaqallah hul Azim

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
Allah! There is no God but He,
the Living, the Self-subsisting, the Eternal.
No slumber can seize Him, nor sleep.
All things in heaven and earth are His.
Who could intercede in His presence without His permission?
He knows what appears in front of and behind His creatures.
Nor can they encompass any knowledge of Him except what he wills.
His throne extends over the heavens and the earth,
and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them,
for He is the Highest and Most Exalted.